Racial Equity

A new condition for race equity brings about clear remedies for historic and present-day structural and policy barriers producing racial disparities and disparate impacts. It is not merely a value, equity is a systemic shift.  Race equity is actualized fairness and justice. 

In a Race Equity condition:

  • People of color and American Indian students, families, and teachers are provided the learning assistance specific to their needs and full access to learning opportunities that build on their talents and cultural assets.
  • Those who are most impacted by inequities have the space to build power and lead through collective action.  Students and families of color provide input into decisions that impact their education and life opportunities.
  • As Dr. Ron Ferguson of Harvard Achievement Gap Institute states: Race equity is raising the achievement of all students while eliminating the racial predictability and disproportionality of which student groups occupy the highest and lowest achievement levels.
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