Thinking ahead: Tools for achieving educator equity in Minnesota schools

How can we advance educator equity in Minnesota? A toolkit.

As the new school year approaches, it’s important to start thinking about educator equity in our schools, and how we can work to advance the number of teachers of color to reflect the changing student population in Minnesota.

Some important thoughts:

WHO are Minnesota’s teachers?

The overwhelming majority of teachers in Minnesota are white, yet one-third of the state’s students are students of color.

The breakdown reflects serious gaps.

WHAT are the reasons for the lack of teachers of color?

Many factors are at play. But first, it’s important to understand the journey of becoming a teacher, including the support from administration, educators, and the community.

WHY is this important for creating change?

At MnEEP, we want all Minnesota students to succeed. We know that by asking questions, we can encourage critical thinking and find solutions together. This is why we ask questions like:

How do funding decisions, school culture, and systemic racism intersect?

In what way do these issues affect education equity for students and teachers of color in Minnesota?

How do these issues impact all Minnesotans?

HOW can we work to support teachers and students of color?

Every day, we are working to provide the important resources, tools, access, policy initiatives, and more to help achieve educator and student equity in Minnesota.

By supporting our efforts, you can help all students in Minnesota succeed!

To get involved and support education equity, you can:


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