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Race Equity and Excellence in Education Bibliography: Reading suggestions to broaden awareness of Race Equity in Education

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2009 Summer Synergy

e-Alert Highlights 2010

MMEP-Ealert-March 22, 2010.pdf

MMEP to co-host community gathering discussing RTTT resubmission

e-Alert Highlights 2009

MMEP-E-Announce-Nov. 25, 2009.pdf

MMEP featured on KMOJ Voices

MMEP-Ealert-Nov. 9, 2009.pdf

MMEP Annual Meeting, Leadership visits HCZ Conference

MMEP-E-Announcement-Sept. 22, 2009.pdf

Mariani receives Friend of Literacy Award

MMEP-Ealert-Aug. 27, 2009.pdf

Scholarship Nights, tracking progress of Race to the Top

MMEP-Ealert-June19, 2009.pdf

Carlos Mariani comments on Governor’s budget cuts

MMEP-Ealert-June 10, 2009.pdf”>

Carlos Mariani comments on MN Math GRAD results


On the road again, Willmar bound

MMEP-Ealert-April 9, 2009.pdf

MMEP travels to Rochester

MMEP-Ealert-March 17, 2009.pdf

Academic Enrichment Guide turns 20

MMEP-Ealert-Feb. 24, 2009.pdf

Amanda Ziebell-Finley joins MMEP staff

MMEP-Ealert-Jan. 20, 2009.pdf

Bemidji Forum

e-Alert Highlights 2008

MMEP-Ealert-Oct. 8, 2008.pdf

Gates-Page Scholarship Night

MMEP-EAlert-Sept. 16, 2008.pdf

Conference session: American Indian Boarding Schools

MMEP-Ealert-August 21, 2008.pdf

Dr. Ronald Ferguson to keynote MMEP conference

MMEP-Ealert-July 1, 2008.pdf

A message from Executive Director Carlos Mariani

MMEP-Ealert-June 13, 2008.pdf

MMEP staffers head to Bean-Town

MMEP-Ealert-May 19, 2008.pdf

Research Collaborative member Roger Banks in Star Trib

MMEP-Ealert-May 9, 2008.pdf

Godinez to receive Public Leadership Award

MMEP-Ealert-Feb. 20, 2008.pdf

Legislative session to include race equity initiatives

MMEP-Ealert-Jan. 28, 2008.pdf

Godinez featured on Lehrer News Hour

MMEP-Ealert-Jan. 18, 2008.pdf

SPNN to air highlights from MMEP 20th Anniversary Dinner