Promise to Act plan focuses on education equity in Southwest Minnesota

The Nobles County Integration Collaborative (NCIC), in partnership with the Minnesota Education Equity Partnership (MnEEP), recently released its local “Promise to Act: Education Equity and Excellence Action Plan,” dedicated to developing education equity strategies that meet the needs of the different cultures and perspectives in Southwest Minnesota.

The Southwest region of Minnesota boasts a highly diverse, rural community with students and families from all around the world—Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. To build on current diversity and equity in education efforts, NCIC and MnEEP embarked on an equity action planning process to gather visions and strategies of education equity from families, students, educators, and leaders.

Community visioning sessions with families were held in Spanish, Karen, Laos, East and West African languages with more than 130 participants.  Throughout the planning process, the project engaged over 300 leaders, educators, and families for greater collaboration on education equity and increased community prosperity.

“The Nobles County Integration Collaborative and Minnesota Education Equity Partnership has been a vital collaboration in addressing educational equity issues in our region,” said Lakeyta Swinea, NCIC Board Chair 2017 and licensed school counselor.

“Through this process, we have been able to build stronger relationships with families, students, stakeholders, community members, and school districts that have an interest in educational excellence for all students.” She further added, “The project has identified disparities that exist but also equity strategies to close the achievement gap. It’s encouraging to know that work is being done that will allow access to all student to learn and excel at their best!”

Learn more about MnEEP’s efforts to help ensure that Minnesota school systems are culturally responsive so that every student can succeed.

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