MnEEP stands firmly with DACA recipients

MnEEP stands firmly with DACA recipients – many who are DREAMER students – as President Trump may make adverse decision to end their status.

About 800,000 young Americans are in the DACA program, created by President Obama in the face of years of inaction by Congress to pass an immigration reform bill that would create a pathway to documented residency for these youth who have grown up in U.S. schools and communities. Even year an estimated 65,000 Undocumented youth graduate from U.S. high schools. Having invested billions of $ in their K-12 education, many states have extended college access to them and other Undocumented students. In Minnesota, where I had the privilege to author the legislation with Sen Sandy Pappas ,we even extend access to financial aid to help pay for college.

It is estimated that 4 million children of Undocumented parents are enrolled in U.S. public schools. That represents nearly 7 percent of all enrollees. An adverse DACA decision not only disrupts the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people, it potentially heavily disrupts the stability of millions more and of thousands of public schools across the nation.

The more than 6,300 MN DACA recipients are a vital part of our state’s civic, educational, and workforce sectors. They teach in our schools, work in our private sectors, are active in civic associations. They are present throughout our state and are heavily represented in our Latino, Asian, and African immigrant communities— the fastest growing communities in Minnesota. They are our loved ones, neighbors, and friends.

We call on POTUS Donald J Trump to not disrupt or rescind DACA. For the sake of justice and race equity in education, DACA should remain in force while Congress considers an equitable, just alternative through legislation.

Carlos Mariani Rosa, MnEEP Executive Director

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