Join us in the fight for and with young people in Minnesota

Last month, Solutions Not Suspensions took part in Dignity in Schools Campaign National Week of Action Against School Pushout. Nationally, dozens of groups came together in New Orleans to continue to bring attention to the school to prison pipeline. David #Godbox Banner was our keynote speaker, and we heard from a number of local students and families regarding their experience with school pushout.
Check out the video below to see how the National Week of Action has evolved over the years and the great work Dignity in Schools is doing all across the country!

Here in Minnesota, the Solutions Not Suspensions team is working hard to not only bring restorative practices into schools, but pass legislation that provides a clear outline of next steps to take in various situations.

Interested in joining the fight for and with young people in Minnesota? Email Bailey [] to learn more about the Solutions Not Suspensions Coalition and how to get involved.

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