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Wednesday, June 15, 2016 - Solutions Not Suspensions Annual Meeting & Celebration

Solutions Not Suspensions Coalition

Celebrating one year since the May 8th 2015 community meeting and relaunch kick off.

The Solutions Not Suspensions Coalition is wrapping up the first year of their statewide relaunch; there is much to celebrate and reflect upon; there is still much work to do and we need you to be a part of this on-going conversation and the solution.

Please join us & save the date for our Annual Meeting

 Wednesday June 15, 2016 9:00am – Noon

The SNS Coalition At A Glance:


Sarah Davis, The Legal Rights Center

Marika Pfefferkorn, Minnesota Education Equity Partnership

To build and be in coalition requires patience, time and a clear purpose that keeps people coming back to the coalition table again, and again.  The SNS Coalition is focused on keeping kids in school and providing alternatives to suspension through changing the narrative, promoting viable solutions, and using data accountability and community engagement to educate, inform and transform peoples understanding of discipline in the 21st century.

The Coalition operates with the understanding that there is no one answer, silver bullet or policy that can change or end discipline disparities; only through a comprehensive, consistent  and collective effort will Minnesota close the discipline gap and put the school to prison pipeline out of business.

We may not always agree on the tactics, but to focus on our areas of separation or disagreement only deters us from the purpose at hand — improving school climates, ending school pushout and identifying solutions and alternatives that serve the interests of students, families, educators and the community at large.

To become a member of the SNS Coalition contact co-chair Marika Pfefferkorn @

The SNS Coalition is the Minnesota member of the national Dignity in schools Campaign (DSC)

DSC Vision: We envision a public school system that values students, parents and communities as decision-makers with a fundamental human right to shape their education. In this educational system, schools are safe, healthy and nurturing environments where every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Schools work towards preventing trauma, repairing harm and promoting healing, and reject a culture of punishment, and criminalization. Schools provide equitable resources, adopt culturally relevant curricula, and address racism and all forms of oppression. In this educational system, education is a human right. Our schools value the humanity and dignity of all people that is essential for students to succeed. As we build a movement to realize this vision, we see our work as connected to broader movements for social justice and human rights in the United States and globally.

August 11-12, 2016 - Summer Conference for Current & Aspiring Teachers of Color and American Indian Teachers

Current & Aspiring Teachers of Color and American Indian Teachers Summer Conference