Advocating for diverse educator workforce

Through partnerships and community advocacy, we can continue to develop policies and funding frameworks that advance and support teachers of color in Minnesota.

Who are Minnesota's teachers?

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Our 2015-2018 Strategic Plan

Thank you for your interest in our 2015-18 strategic plan, which outlines the five BIG, BOLD GOALS of the Minnesota Education Equity Partnership, and detailed actions to move Minnesota’s education systems forward. Goal 1: Minnesota school systems are culturally responsive in their policies and approaches to education. Goal 2: Minnesota school climates foster positive student […]

Thinking ahead: Tools for achieving educator equity in Minnesota schools

How can we advance educator equity in Minnesota? A toolkit. As the new school year approaches, it’s important to start thinking about educator equity in our schools, and how we can work to advance the number of teachers of color to reflect the changing student population in Minnesota. Some important thoughts: WHO are Minnesota’s teachers? […]