Big Bold Goal 5

Minnesota higher-ed institutions provide greater access and equity to students of color

By improving student access and financial aid for post-secondary education, we can improve higher-education outcomes for students of color. We work to inform policies and practices that ensure we continue to close opportunity gaps and help prepare all students to be successful in a rapidly changing global economy.

Educational excellence means students have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in career aspirations.

Why Now?

Achieving 70 percent graduation by 2025

Active Initiatives

Minnesota College Access Network (MCAN)

MCAN works to strengthen college-access program efforts in communities throughout Minnesota in an effort to increase the number of students attending and completing higher education in the state of Minnesota. Programs and initiatives include the Academic Enrichment Guide, MN College Knowledge Month, College Connector Certification, College Access Events and Resources.

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2018 Election

2018 Election: Addressing college completion and race equity

How do we maintain our state’s prosperity if our economic vitality depends on obtaining advanced knowledge and skills by communities which, although they will make up the bulk of our economic workforce, struggle with attaining postsecondary credentials? This is an important question for our state, and the answer may well be that we won’t be able to maintain and grow Minnesota’s quality of life unless we find a way to end racial disparities.

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