“Through school and through acquiring English, these children become bi- or multi-lingual, able to continue to function in their home language(s) as well as in English, their new language and that of school.”

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Emerging Multilinguals Network

The Emerging Multilinguals Network mobilizes and unites to promote equitable E-12 educational policy and practice for EMLs, a positive narrative of multilingualism and culture, and investments in effective EL and language programs.

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Action Planning for Language Development

MnEEP will focus on multiple school districts in Minneapolis and Greater Minnesota with Multilingual Learner populations to empower parents and the community to shape stronger English Learner (EL) policy and equitable practices.

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2018 Election

2018 Election: Do you know how EMLs are protected in law? How you can educate candidates and yourself

Minnesota and the federal government have written in statute various protections for students, including for those whose first language is not English. As we look toward the election, it’s important to understand how these laws and policies should guide all candidates and elected officials—and hold them accountable— in supporting equity for EMLs in Minnesota schools.

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