Big Bold Goal 4

Minnesota schools support the multilingualism of all students

We work directly to better serve Emerging Multilingual Learners (English Learners) through research-based, promising practices that support multilingualism and heritage and native language development.

We believe in the validity of all lived experiences.

Why Now?

Preparing Emerging Multilingual Learners for the Future

Active Initiatives

Emerging Multilinguals Network

English language learners (often abbreviated to ELL or EL) are Minnesotans of all ages and academic proficiencies whose native language is not English. Over 70,000 ELs are currently enrolled in Minnesota schools, 8.4% of all students.

MnEEP created the Emerging Multilinguals Network to provide long-term advocacy and a powerful foundation for delivering effective and empowering education services to English Learners. The EML Network includes people and organizations that can address the issues EMLs face and find solutions statewide.

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Minnesota EL – ESSA Initiative

As the fastest-growing student group, EMLs need to belong to the school community and have their unique needs addressed. To address the disparities that EMLs and their families face in the Minnesota education system, MnEEP partnered with the Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL) to launch the Minnesota English Learner – Every Student Succeeds Act (EL-ESSA) Initiative.

This initiative aims to create and coordinate conversations within and between advocacy organizations and the students, families, and communities that are the most impacted by the EL policies and practices of Minnesota school districts.

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2018 Election

2018 Election: Do you know how EMLs are protected in law? How you can educate candidates and yourself

Minnesota and the federal government have written in statute various protections for students, including for those whose first language is not English. As we look toward the election, it’s important to understand how these laws and policies should guide all candidates and elected officials—and hold them accountable— in supporting equity for EMLs in Minnesota schools.

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