Big Bold Goal 3

Minnesota educator workforce reflects student demographics

Through partnerships, education, and community advocacy, we can work to develop state policies and funding frameworks to increase the number of teachers of color and American Indian teachers in Minnesota and attract and retain a diverse teacher workforce.

A racially equitable education system is one where students see themselves reflected in others.

Why Now?

Diversifying the teacher workforce is essential for student success.

Active Initiatives

TeachMN2020: Imprint

TeachMN2020 is a campaign to increase the number of teachers of color by 2020. Through partnerships and collaborations, we are developing unique tools that will increase awareness, outreach, and support of prospective teachers of color and American Indian teachers.

A new interactive website, Imprint, is a space for public engagement to help elevate the teaching profession, particularly within communities of color. The website will provide easy access to relevant resources for exploring and understanding the various pathways to the teaching profession, and amplify the voices of broader, multi-racial stakeholder groups.

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TeachMN2020: Strategy Mapping

As part of the TeachMN2020 is a campaign, we are developing cutting-edge cloud-based technology to support a statewide “strategy mapping” of Minnesota’s education environment for licensed pK-12 teachers.Strategy mapping works to inspire new narratives about the teaching profession and and make visible current teacher attraction, preparation, induction, and retention efforts and progress made in our state.

In addition, the process will engage stakeholders to help spur further collective action and impact by illuminating new insights in supporting teachers of color and American Indian teachers. MnEEP’s unique approach focuses on understanding how the “execution gap” of existing efforts impacts teacher diversity.

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2018 Election

2018 Election: Let’s work to elevate the teaching profession

As we look toward the election, and the impact it will have on the future of all Minnesotans, it’s important to ask these questions:

What do we teach young people of color about aspirations? About making a difference? About giving back? About the value of work? About their strengths and talents?
Most importantly, WHO IS GOING TO TEACH them or the generations to come?  How do we attract more change makers and nation builders to the teaching profession?

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