Dr. Rose Wan-Mui Chu is a Senior Policy Fellow for MnEEP, leading efforts to advance the TeachMN2020 Campaign as part of the BBG3 where “Minnesota educators reflect student demographics.” She has an enduring involvement with underrepresented communities of color and a passion for social justice.

Rose has served on MnEEP’s Research Collaborative Table for many years, and was a contributing author to the 2016 State of Students of Color and American Indian Students Report. Rose brings over 20 years of rich and diverse experiences in the private sector, in school settings, in higher education, in public service and in nonprofits. Her original Engineering training coupled with her experience as a licensed classroom teacher have continued to ground her life’s work in educational reform and transformation. Rose was former Assistant Commissioner at MN Department of Education. She was also former interim dean of Urban Education and is now Professor Emerita at Metropolitan State University.

Key focus areas:

  • K-12 teaching and learning
  • Teacher preparation and education
  • Diversifying teacher workforce
  • Youth development
  • Intersectionalities of education and other sectors
Open post

2018 Election

2018 Election: Let’s work to elevate the teaching profession

As we look toward the election, and the impact it will have on the future of all Minnesotans, it’s important to ask these questions:

What do we teach young people of color about aspirations? About making a difference? About giving back? About the value of work? About their strengths and talents?
Most importantly, WHO IS GOING TO TEACH them or the generations to come?  How do we attract more change makers and nation builders to the teaching profession?

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