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The deadline for submissions has passed. The Conference Committee will communicate with all those who submitted proposals on or before December 15, 2016.

The Minnesota Education Equity Partnership (MnEEP), formerly MMEP, the State’s premier organization for research, policy and engagement in the area of Educational Race Equity, will present a statewide conference to be held at Coffman Student Union, at the University of Minnesota on Thursday, February 25, 2016. MnEEP conferences have attracted hundreds of educators, policymakers, community leaders, and students and major media to learn about innovative approaches that enhance student of color success and drive change of our education systems. The 2016 conference offers a powerful opportunity to highlight how we can sustain a Minnesota movement for educational race equity and excellence in Minnesota.

MnEEP is seeking proposals for presentations at the conference that focus on MnEEP’s Five Big Bold Goals described below. The audience we want to reach is broad and one that is seeking to drive deeper actions at our schools, colleges and communities in pursuit of race equity.

  • We want to challenge and enrich those who lead educational institutions and associations, instructors and teachers, policy makers, elected and appointed officials and social organizers to engage in these areas of work.
  • We want them to hear about strategies used to expand opportunities in these five areas in ways that create sustainable long-term change.
  • We want these workshops to be substantive – more than “show and tell”. And will structure them for at least 75 to 90 minutes.
  • We want to know how the work that you share connects to a broader work of shifting educational systems to be culturally competent and guided by racial equity


Approximately 14 sessions, seven in the morning and seven in the afternoon, will be selected and featured at the conference under the theme “Deepening Educational Race Equity in Minnesota.” Audiences for MnEEP convenings consistently include top education policymakers, educators, community-based leaders, families, and students. Our previous three conferences have sold out with upwards of 500 participants from across the state in attendance. We look for original ideas, dynamic speakers and interactive presentations

General Session Length, Thematic Focus, & Format

Each session will be at least 75 minutes in length. Presenters choosing a lecture format should allow ample time for interaction with their audiences. All sessions need to include at least 15 minutes for audience participation and/or questions. MnEEP expects all presenters to accept being challenged by participants in the spirit of mutual learning and to address the following:

  1. What work are you doing to advance this goal?
  2. How are students of color/American Indian students able to empower themselves through this work? How is their identity bolstered? Their academic knowledge enhanced?
  3. What are strategies you use or the lessons you’ve learned on how to sustain this work over time?
  4. How does that work advance educational race equity outcomes and practice?

Participants can expect to leave with good ideas and tools (rubrics) that will allow them to return to their communities to bolster their work implementing education equity action while connecting with others across the state to reinforce their efforts.

The MnEEP Five Big Bold Goals around which we seek presentations are:

  • Goal 1 – Minnesota school systems are culturally responsive in their policies and approaches to education.

Share work of creating formal policies by school boards, trustees, other governing entities of a school, educational institution, college or university that powerfully promotes race equity. Share work that intentionally develops and promotes new leadership skills that equips decision makers to govern with race equity principles.

  • Goal 2: Discipline Disparities – Minnesota school climates foster positive student engagement to eliminate discipline disparities by race while supporting students for academic and leadership success.
  • Goal 3: Minnesota educators reflect student demographics Teachers of Color
  • Goal 4: Multi-Lingualism – Minnesota schools utilize heritage and home language to support academic excellence for English language learners and the multilingualism of all students.
  • Goal 5: Post-Secondary – Minnesota institutions of higher education will support student achievement by providing greater access and equity to students of color and American Indian students, with a focus on financial aid equity and students of color and American Indian students.
  • SPECIAL ADDED CONFERENCE FOCUS: Ethnic Studies – Minnesota provides students access to structured educational coursework that reflects and advances their racial/ethnic identity and does so reinforcing quality knowledge in all content areas.

Instructions for submitting proposals:

Deadline for Submissions

The deadline for all submissions is 4 p.m. Friday, November 13, 2015

Who Can Submit a Proposal?

MnEEP encourages all supporters of racial equity to submit a proposal for the annual conference. Teachers, professors, counselors, graduate students, administrators, policy affiliates, and community workers are encouraged to submit a proposal. We are very interested in team presentations that involve a diversity of groups/individuals.

Directions for Submissions

All proposals must be submitted via email to Be sure your subject reads


Please be prepared to attach the following information in the email:

  • Complete contact information for the lead presenter.
  • Full names of all co-presenters and their email addresses.
  • Presentation Abstract: No more than 100 words in length, this will be included in the conference program if the presentation is accepted.
  • Proposal Summary: Not more than two pages in length. This summary can be attached as a Word or PDF file in the submission. The summary must respond to the following areas:
    • Content: Briefly describe the content of your presentation. Include how it will address session theme.
    • Significance: How will the session advance knowledge of or capacity for sustaining transformative racial equity in our schools, colleges and communities? Include relevant data or research supporting the presentation.
    • Objective(s): What does this session seek to accomplish, what are its objectives? How will the session be of use to attendees? What should participants learn during the session?
    • Process: What is the format of the session [e.g., workshop, simulation/role play, groups discussion, lecture, paper presentation, other)? How will the audience be involved in the session? What handouts will be distributed?
    • Audience: For whom is this session best suited?

Evaluation and Acceptance of Proposals

The MnEEP 2016 Conference Committee is charged with selecting a balance of proposals that best addresses the conference theme and levels of expertise.


Proposals will be reviewed by at least three readers using the following criteria:

  • Extent to which the content and objectives of the proposal relates to the conference theme.
  • Significance of content, extent to which if offers something new, raises significant issues is well-grounded.
  • Clarity and explicitness of session’s objectives and value to participants.
  • Fit between proposed content and anticipated audience.
  • Extent to which process of presentation is described. Is appropriate to content and includes meaningful audience interaction?
  • Extent to which proposal follows format specified in directions for submission.


Lead presenters will be notified by the Chair of our Conference Committee, Keith Lester.

Upon acceptance, MnEEP will request biographies and headshots/photos of anyone listed in the program as a presenter, co-presenter, panelist, moderator, or other participant in the session.

Registration Required

To guarantee being listed in the annual conference program, all presenters must register for the meeting by January 8, 2016. This policy includes anyone who is listed in the program as a presenter, co-presenter, panelist, moderator, or other participant in the session.

Policies Related to Presenters

Conference presenters are volunteers and are not compensated for their presentations or travel. The program policies listed above apply to all organizers, authors, panelists, moderators, discussants, and other session participants.

MnEEP 2016 Conference Committee Members

Keith Lester, MnEEP Board Chair and Former Brooklyn Center Schools Superintendent

Bruce Schelskie, MnEEP Board Member and Former UM TRIO/McNair Scholars Director

Na’im Madyun Associate Professor, Social Sciences Postsecondary Teaching and Learning     College of Education & Human Development, University of Minnesota

Dr. Stanley Brown, MnEEP Board Member and Coordinator of Educational Equity and Inclusion at Hopkins Schools

Dr. Nadine Haley, MnEEP Board Member and Faculty at Urban Teacher Program at Metropolitan State University

Alex Hines, Director of Inclusion & Diversity, Winona State University

Anne Carroll, School Board Member St Paul Public Schools

Dr. Jean Lubke, Executive Director, East Metro Integration District

Leon Rodrigues, Chief Diversity Officer, MnSCU

Carlos Mariani, Executive Director, MnEEP

Jennifer Godinez, Associate Executive Director, MnEEP